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In financial Investment market, commodities meaning are homogeneity, tradable, widely used as the basic raw materials in industrial commodities, including energy commodities, basic materials, agricultural commodities and so on.

New energy products meaning are production of crude oil of the refining gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, heavy oil and natural gas, which are the main supplier of the current primary energy. Crude oil is one of the world's the most active commodity trading. SDG offers high recognition and circulation of energy products, British Brent crude oil CFD. 

International crude
Crude oil is an important product in global energy market. The price of crude oil is changing rapidly with the development of daily economic market. The world's largest oil-producing countries are Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Iran and China.

Known as crude oil, it’s also called black gold. As a naturally-made flammable liquid, crude oil is usually found in geological formations beneath the Earth's surface. It is a raw material that can be separated and refined, and can be made into a large number of consumer products, such as gasoline, asphalt, heating oil, diesel, whose huge demand will cause significant effects on the price of crude oil. Therefore, the price of crude oil fluctuates with the global supply and demand.

Unit of measurement for crude oil is Barrel. 1 standard lot is 1,000 barrels. Prices of crude oil are calculated in dollars or cents per barrel. British Brent crude oil is currently the most active and most favorable investment product in crude oil CFD trading market.

International Precious Metals
investing in gold and silver is permanent and timely. For thousands of years, gold and silver are always keeping their radiance and charm for investors. They have become the first choice for retaining of value due to their unique features - never degenerating, easy circulation, value maintenance, investment, and stored-value. No matter how history changes, the state power alternates, or the monetary currency replaces, values of gold and silver keep forever.

International Precious Metals Investment advantages
1.Investment, hedging, Portfolio Investment, Risk diversification.
2.Real-time settlement funds, multiple open or close positions in the same day, provides more investment opportunities. 
3.Long trading service time, Twenty-two hours daily trading service, Covering mainly international gold market trading hours.
4.Long and short two-way trading, T+0 Trading, can be long or short, get the real profit from the price going up or down. 

Precious metal is the safest assets
In today's uncertain economic and political environment, many investors have turned to gold, which is called "a currency without borders", thus the gold has become the most important and the safest assets at any time and under any circumstances.

As investment tools worldwide, gold and silver are allowed to be quoted anywhere in the world. They are of strong anti-inflation, much lower tax rates relative to the stocks, just and equitable price trend, easy transfer of ownership, easy to pawn and many other prominent advantages.