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Trading Rules and Features

Contract Specifications

Product Name: CSI 300 constituent stocks.
Trading Unit: 1 lot = 10,000 shares.
Minimum fluctuation unit: 0.01, corresponding to 100 yuan per index point.
Trading Time: 09: 40-11: 30,13: 00-14:50 
Contract Months: Continuous Undated
Price: RMB quotes, margin and profit and loss is shown as dollars, according to the current exchange rate system.

Trading Advantage

1, T + 0, unrestricted sale at any time.
2, two-way deal, ups and downs can be profitable.
3, margin trading,only 5% margin.
4, the global real-time data price.
5, fair and transparent market.
6, trading volume, fair and open market, without human manipulation.
7, transaction fast, real-time price.
8, trading activity, continuous fluctuations.
9, risk control: you can use our risk management tools.
10, no stamp duty.