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Standard Group can provide you with a quick, safe and convenient deposit method , which accepts your deposits, holds your money and releases money to you when you withdraw funds from your trading account.

Internet banking deposits are regarded as wire transfer payments. In some areas customers can login through online banking, and direct deposit from their online bank account. Online banking deposit is more safe and convenient, and saves customers the trouble of organizing wire transfer payments.

You can choose wire transfer to deposit from your bank account which is also very convenient. The Company accept US Dollars, Euros or Pounds deposit, and it normally take 3-5 working days to receive the deposit. Funds can also be deposited by credit card; however you need to have a sufficient balance on the card to make the deposit.


Funds deposit method one: online banking direct transfer

If you have a Bank of China account, you can deposit funds directly from your account.  Please retain the success receipt and inform Standard Group customer services as soon as possible. After receiving the funds, will transfer the funds to your trading account.

[if you do not have the receipt , we cannot determine the remitter’s information, and cannot transfer funds for you.] 

Funds deposit method two: Overseas Deposit through bank counter.

All customers can go to a bank counter to deposit money, directly deposit to the bank account of  with bank staff help. Please keep the receipt and contact Standard Group customer services after you have made the deposit, and we will credit your trading account after receiving the funds.

Overseas reminder: because each country and each bank has different currency policies, we suggest you ask your local bank if they have remittance restrictions or not.